Future of antivirus software

Future of antivirus software

The idea of antivirus software can be traced back to more than 3 decades before. Since its discovery, antivirus software has been improving tremendously to fight threats and viruses. This has increased due to the continuous use of computer to store confidential information that need not to be altered with. Network managers and administrators constantly build alternatives that can improve cyber security. The viruses that are made recently are more improvised and can be penetrating between the old securities that were put by the antivirus to prevent their entry. This is why the network administrators are working constantly to ensure that these threats are cubed.

The email is usually the most frequently used way of transmitting virus and malware. It is therefore predicted that going low tech on emails will help prevent many types of attachments in email messages.

Since cloud based antivirus do not require a hardware or software and are controlled remotely makes them cost-effective for end users. There is increased cloud based activity and conveniences in its operations making its adoption in the SMBs to increase. This has therefore increased the need to improve cloud based security hence the coming of cloud antivirus. Some antivirus are already incorporating the use of cloud into their products, this therefore shows the possibility of many users switching from desktop antivirus to cloud antivirus.

With the mobile phones now under the threats of virus attacks due to its many applications, there is possibility of increased partnership between phone companies and antivirus companies. Many businesses have thought it wise that their employees should keep the information under their jurisdiction in a more safer place that cannot be exposed to threats like malicious software hence employees have personal cell phones that they use to store their data. This has therefore increased the use of personal cell phones in storing data hence exposed the phones into risks of being a target for hackers who may wish to access the information. This has therefore triggered the use of antivirus software in the phones leading to increased partnership between phones companies and antivirus companies.

It is therefore possible that in the near future the use of antivirus software will increase in great depths due to the unsatisfied need to store data and information in a safer way. The making of more complex antivirus has also increased need for advanced antivirus software technology.

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